16th Balkan Senior Karate Championship will be held on 18/19 October 2014 in Ohrid.

On that occasion, Alexei Petrov, President of Karate Federation of Balkan said:

It is my great pleasure to invite competitors from the Balkan countries to come to Ohrid on the 16th Balkan Seniors Championship.

FYR of Macedonija is the traditional host major sporting events such as this competition. Bring together the whole Balkan in one place; it is a great honor and responsibility for Karate Federation of Balkan.

Accepting the organization of this tournament Karate Federation of Balkan wants to show everyone how karate is positive, mass and popular sport.

We hope that all participants will see and feel the energy, knowledge and hospitality of our hosts. This event is more than just a competition. It will be a combination of friendship, art, and karate.

I am convinced that FYR of Macedonija and Ohrid, as many times before, are ready to justify the trust.

I wish that this event, for all participants and for the karate sport, be seen as wordless dialogue in the spirit of sport philosophy. Karate speaks all languages and connects all people and generations, regardless of race, sex and religion.