LOGO vektorski KFB 2014 vinjeta 100px17th Balkan Senior Karate Championship will be held on 21/22 February 2015 in Cacak, Serbia.

On that occasion, Alexei Petrov, President of Karate Federation of Balkan said:

Karate Federation of Balkan is actively working towards the endorsement of the philosophy and spirit of Karate, promotes and develops karate as an elite sport, as well as a mass sport for everyone. The Balkan karate championship in Cacak is more than just a competition, it is a place where friendship, respect and tolerance meet.

For the first time the Karate sport is included in the family of Olympic Games at the first European Games in 2015 in Baku, which will be held by the Olympic Committees of the countries in Europe.
It is a challenge and a test for us. I am convinced that Karate will take its honorable place among the Olympic sports, but to achieve that we will need the required mobilization, work and dedication. Our performance will be indicative of the level of Karate in the Balkans, which will bring serious weight on the Karate Federation of Balkan.
The Karate sport is a challenge to the human spirit, the will and strength of the human body, daring and respect towards the opponent and a century old wisdom from The Path. Karate speaks all languages and connects all people and generations, regardless of race, sex and religion.