In Belgrade on September 13, 2013 held inaugural and election Congress of Karate Federation of the Balkan.

On inaugural election congress representatives of the following national karate federations took a part: Turkey, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, FYR of Macedonia and Serbia Consent of the Congress work, and the application were provided by the representatives of Cyprus, who had justifiable reasons from which they could not attend.

Participation in the work of Karate Federation of Balkan was taken a part by all national karate organizations which belong to Balkan peninsula except Greece.

The Congress elected the following bodies: the Executive Committee, the Supervisory Board, the president, four vice-presidents, the disciplinary committee and the secretary general of the Karate Federation of the Balkan.


President of the Karate Federation of Balkan is Mr. Alexei Petrov from Bulgaria.


Vice Presidents of KFB are:

  • Vladimir Mrvaljević, Montenegro
  • Dragan Stojanovski, FYR of Macedonia
  • Samir Ćatović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ramiz Ismailgeci, Albania.

Secretary General of the KFB is Slavoljub Piper from Serbia.


Executive Committee:

  • Alexei Petrov, Bulgaria
  • Petrit Baba, Albania
  • Samir Catovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Stjepan Celan, Croatia
  • Andreas Vassiliou, Cyprus
  • Dragan Stojanovski, FYR of Macedonia
  • Vladimir Mrvaljevic, Montenegro
  • Lucian Baroiu, Romania
  • Strahinja Tepavčević, Serbia
  • Igor Zelinka, Slovenia
  • Esat Delihasan, Turkey.

The Supervisory Board of KFB represents:

  • Ana Marja Celan from Croatia, President
  • Dragan Sakotic from Montenegro, member
  • Kajica Kalicanin from Serbia, member.

Disciplinary Commission KFB are:

  • Florian Mutu from Romania, President
  • Bogdan Simerl from Slovenia, member
  • Nedjo Jovanovic from Serbia, member.

Sporting Director of KFB is Dragoljub Fatic from Montenegro.